Aura is the infrastructure for games of the future

Aura Network is powered by a peer-to-peer blockchain protocol to scale highly interactive games, virtual worlds, and DApps.

What is Aura Network?

Aura Network is a platform for decentralized games and virtual worlds. The underlying protocol is a P2P scaling solution that allows for verifiable gameplay at massive scale. All while being backed by the security blockchain provides.

What is a virtual world?

A virtual world is a online community environment that is designed and shared by individuals so that they can interact in a custom-built, simulated world. Minecraft and Roblox are the most successful virtual game worlds today.

Aura's Capabilities

Persistent Game Worlds

Aura allows players to co-inhabit the same game world. The game will persist as long as the community exists. It doesn’t go away when logging off or developers pulling support.

Trusted Gameplay

No cheating. Fair game play for all.

True Digital Asset Ownership

Virtual goods created and purchased are secured on the blockchain.

True Data Ownership

Players control their own data. All verifiable on the blockchain.

User Scalability

High transaction throughput and horizontal sharding to support hundreds of thousands of players.

total freedom

Aura breaks down the barriers to entry for the creation of games and virtual worlds. With Aura’s tools in hand, both developers and players alike can enjoy more creative, engaging, and immersive experiences.

Play seamlessly
on any device

Aura is device agnostic which means you can access your favorite game worlds from anywhere and take them with you.

Own your game play

The ledger records provenance and ensures authenticity, reduces fraud and gives property within worlds contextual value.

Bring your
creativity to life

Aura’s sandbox environments and intuitive creator tools empower new sets of creators that blur the line between creators and players.


HashDragons is the first game that runs on the Aura Network. It is a dragon collection game where the player explores the world for resources to capture dragons. It demonstrates the scalability of the underlying network to handle large transaction volume generated by the game clients. Using P2P verification, the clients maintain the integrity of the game state, thereby freeing up the ledger to be only responsible for logging verified transactions coming from the game clients.

Supported Platforms


Q1 2018

Blockchain and virtual worlds research. Seed funding, partnership and marketing development.

Q2 2018

Protocol implementation and Testnet development.

Q3 2018

Testnet launch along with first game launch on Aura. Technical and Business White Paper release. Partnership announcements.

Q4 2018

Developer portal launch. Marketing and game development partnership activation.

Q1 2019

Aura SDK released with Unity and Unreal game engine plugins. Launch of second virtual game world: multiplayer capabilities, content generation tools, and asset trading.

Q3 2019

Developer accelerator launch and global marketing channel activations.

Q1 2020

Global reach of hundreds of thousands of content creators.

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Gabriel Schillinger

Co-founder & CEO

Experienced founder and investor. Founder of For Darfur and BIM Networks (exited in 2014)

Zhi Huang

Co-founder & CTO

Lead engineer at Weav Music. Lead engineer at Helix. Developer at Goldman Sachs.

Sam Snyder

Co-founder & COO

Experienced systems designer. Designer at Sam H Snyder Design, Systems Engineer at Kurator.

Arix King

Product Designer

Former Project Manager & Designer at in NYC. Previously Beacon.

Ben Prieto

Lead Engineer

Video game developer with over 15 years of professional experience, and over 30 published games.

Anshul Dhawan

PM & Game Designer

Lead Product Manager & Senior Engineer at Zynga. Led growth team to explore new  gaming platforms.

Max Kupriianov

Blockchain Developer

Alex Didorenko

Blockchain Developer

Investors & Advisors

David Helgason

Founder of Unity

Mark Pincus

Founder of Zynga

Jimmy Kim

Partner at Sparklabs

Jeff Lyndon

Founder of iDreamSky

Jehan Chu

Kenetic Capital

David Siemer

Partner at Wavemaker

Lars Rasmussen

Creator of Google Maps

Scott Walker

Partner at DNA

Bill Tai

Leader in Crypto

Kai Huang

Creator of Guitar Hero

Dennis Fong

Ceo of XFire

Jon Goldman

Partner at Greycroft