Aura is the infrastructure for games of the future.

The Aura Network is powered by the Aura Protocol, a peer-to-peer blockchain protocol to scale highly interactive games, virtual worlds, and DApps.

Introducing the Aura Network

The Aura Network is a platform for decentralized games and virtual worlds. By leveraging a unique paradigm of emerging technology, we’ve developed an infrastructure that opens the door to unlimited creative opportunities for game developers and players alike.

The Protocol that Powers the Aura Network

The Aura Protocol is a scaling solution that delivers the performance required for highly interactive decentralized consumer applications, supporting millions of concurrent users.

HashDragons: Aura's First Blockhain Game

HashDragons is a fully decentralized game built to showcase the capabilities and ideas behind the Aura network. HashDragons stands apart from other blockchain games because it functions without any central server.

Developer? Reserve Your Spot Today

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