Meet the Team Building Aura

It takes a great team to build world changing products. Our team members and investors are from some of the top companies in the world such as Zynga, Goldman Sachs, Unity, Google, Ernst & Young, Nexon, Apple, and Facebook.

Our Core Team

Gabriel Schillinger

Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced founder. Founder of For Darfur and BIM Networks. Established partnerships with MCX/Walmart. (exited in 2014).

Sam Snyder

Co-Founder & COO

Experienced systems designer. Designer at Sam H Snyder Design, Systems Engineer at Kurator.

Zhi Huang

Co-Founder & CTO

Lead engineer at Weav Music. VP of Technology at Goldman Sachs. Lead Engineer at Helix.

Anshul Dhawan

PM & Game Designer

Lead Product Manager & Senior Engineer at Zynga. Led growth team to explore new gaming platforms.

Arix King

Product Designer

Former Project Manager & Designer at in NYC. Previously Beacon.

Benjamin Prieto

Game Developer

Video game developer with over 15 years of professional experience, and over 30 published games.

Maxim Kupriianov

Blockchain Developer

More than 8 years experience as a software developer and 3 years as a Go backend engineer with a passion for open-source projects. Max also has a patent for a Turing Machine Emulator.

Aleksander Didorenko

Blockchain Developer

More than 12 years as a full stack web developer, including database and applications architecture design and development.

Our Investors

David Helgason

Founder and Board Member of Unity

Kai Huang

Creator of Red Octane and Guitar Hero

Mark Pincus

Founder of Zynga

Bill Tai

Legendary VC investor and founder of ACTAI

Jeff Lyndon

Founder and President of IdreamSky

Sparklabs Ventures

Global Seed and VC fund

Tracker Fund

Greycroft’s Gaming Fund


Developer of DragonBall Z, among other titles.


Japanese internet media company


Largest mobile games publisher in China


Largest Esports community in Southeast Asia


Crypto Venture Fund


Crypto focused merchant bank


VC based in Los Angeles and Singapore

Blackhorse Group

Hong Kong Crypto Venture Fund

Our Advisors

Marcus Siegel

Former COO of Zynga

Anthony Borquez

Founder of Grab Games and Director at Hersh Interative

Mike Vorhaus

Founder of Magid

Greg Essig

Former Head of Games, App Store, Apple

Michael Maloney

Galaxy Digital

Scott Walker

DNA and WaveMaker Genesis

Our Partners